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Thread: Film Medium Format Cameras

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    Color temp is definitely different. Again, I tried to process each separately. If interested, I could send over files or try to process to a similar end point. Regarding 6b, and some of the pinks in the sky. I do want to say, that is more vibrant than I remember the scene. Not much, but the R5 was a little less vibrant and the Ektar 100 was a bit more vibrant. Definitely each film was adding their own color science to the scene.

    It is always interesting to hear what other people see. Of course, the color temp is different, but when I first looked at it, I was focusing on contrast, how each handled transitions, highlights, shadows, vibrance, etc.

    One last topic, and I am glad we stayed on other aspects until now, but resolution. Just getting this observation out of the way. But I paid the lab for their "high resolution" scan, which was $20/roll or so. I got back were 4824x3533 files, or equivalent to 17 MP files. Much lower than the R5. But, doing the math, this is ~2200 dpi. I did try up to 6400 dpi scans at home on my epson v850 (rumored to be limited to ~2400 dpi scans). I believe I saw some improvement up to 3200 dpi, but it was very minor going from 2400 dpi to 3200 dpi. So, if you were to pixel peep on the files, the R5 is obviously providing more detail, things like seeing shingles on roofs vs an undescerable pattern.

    I am really not sure if the film resolution is scan limited or just limited. When you do the math on 80 lp/mm, the MF 645 resolution should be better than the R5. But getting that resolution practically could require either printing directly (not digitizing) or spending serious money (Hunts was quoting me $80-120 per print) for a high resolution wet drum scan. If you are inclined to go down this rabbit hole, here is an article from 2020 comparing 8x10 film vs 150 MP PhaseOne sensor and Nikon D850.

    If interested, you can click through and then double click on each image to see the resolution difference between a 2400 dpi scan from my V850 and the R5:

    Mamiya Roll 3 iSRD 9-4 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    537A8238-3 by kayaker72, on Flickr

    These I did try to balance getting the color balance close while still taking each image to where I thought it looked its best.
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