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Thread: RF Native Lens Cropped vs 1.4x vs 2x

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    You really need to be using low ISO for future comparisons. If you want to try with higher ones too that's great. Just to see how it affects things. But low ISO stuff to single out sharpness is important.

    But the 2x is pulling far more detail overall all things considered. I didn't bother with the 1.4x results because I already new they looked fine from the last time and looking at them in RAW just confirmed it. The native and 2x are both looking nearly the same sharpness wise. Both are pulling great sharpness, if both are pulling in the texture of the paper that's pretty respectable resolution. The 1.4x is just redundant really when the 2x is looking nearly as sharp as a native lens. It just be splitting hairs. Main reason to use it is just for the correct focal length for the job and of course one extra stop if light.

    I'm sure at ISO 100 we would reveal more differences. But at ISO 1000. It's looking very good.

    But for kicks I can process the 1.4x results.

    But for me low ISO shots, like 100 or 200 is not uncommon for me. Certainly under 400. I do my fair share of very low light. But I have found it's usually better to try and avoid those situations in the first place. Sometimes just because you can doesn't mean it's best.
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