With the R3 coming on Wednesday I have been giving thought to the 30 fps and the effects of the Rolling Shutter.

My thought is that just like IS is described by the number of stops, the limitations of the electronic shutter could be described in the same manner.

My first thought was how was it reduced from the R5 to the R3, and my conclusion is that in part it was probably reduced by the speed of the processor clearing the sensor. The faster a sensor is cleared the less distortion that is introduced.

So this got me thinking, if you shoot something in motion the faster the shutter speed the less motion blur. The same should be true with rolling shutter distortion, the faster the sensor is cleared the less distortion due to a moving subject. Most of us who shoot much wildlife know what we need for shutter speed to get the results we want. The same would be true of most all sports. So my thought is if we know it takes 1/1000 fps to freeze the action of a particular subject, would the distortion be unnoticeable or acceptable? Would the maximum be less, say a subject that only requires 1/500?