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Thread: R1, general thoughts and updated info.

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    R1, general thoughts and updated info.

    So, there has been plenty of talk about the R1. Understandably so. I was thinking of making a R1 focused thread where some of this information can be condensed.

    So from what I know, and would love others to chime in, there is very little we know about the R1. Mostly speculation.

    •So looks like it might be delayed till sometime in 2023,
    probably in time for the 2024 Olympics.

    •Rumored to have higher MP, although estimates vary
    widely from 30mp to over 100mp.

    •Probably similar form factor as the R3.

    •Probably dual CFexpress cards.

    •Probably the same LPE-19 battery.

    •Similar but improved AF with all the goods like eye
    controlled AF points, quad pixel AF, improved AF modes etc.

    • Probably 30fps or higher.

    • Probably 100 to 102,400 native with H1, H2, H3 and L being options.

    •Autofocus down to -7.5 EV or better.

    •Similar or faster readout as the R3.

    •8k RAW video? I hope so.

    •Touch screen.

    •Smart controller.

    •Price, I'm going on a limb and say it will be $6500, R3 will be $5500 and 1Dx III $4500.

    Any other suggestions and speculation please post them, I would at least like to look at a speculated spec sheet than non at all. Lol.

    It's kinda a thread for fun, but curious to see how close we can get the specs to the actual R1. And of course general talk about it.
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