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Thread: Canon EOS R6 Mk II

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    Canon EOS R6 Mk II

    I was pretty skeptical when I first saw the rumors, but Canon has announced the EOS R6 Mk II just two years after the original R6.

    Bryan's review with a pre-production model.

    DPReview wanted more (when do they not).

    Cameralabs seems to think they targeted and surpassed the Sony A74.

    At least to my eye, the only "wow" update is going from 20 to 40 fps in e-shutter mode. But, that really depends on if someone really wanted a specific new feature. But, often, several modest updates do add up to something significant. Maybe that is the case here.

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    This looks like an impressive camera for the money, something that kinda interests me.

    Improvements for a birder such as myself.

    •Being able to AF consistently at f/8, I use the 2x on my
    500mm a LOT. And it struggles in cluttered environments
    or low light my 1Dx. My friends R5 on his 500mm II and with his 500mm Mark-I with a 2x also doesn't fair a lot better. But we are asking a lot from the AF. Hopefully the Mark-II is an improvement.

    •Better AF, borrows some of the algorithms of the R3. So maybe it will be hunting less in cluttered scenes.

    •Also I hope the fixed the issue with the AF not wanting to focus on the actual eye of a subject with the 85mm f/1.2, RF or EF. Because it has a tendency to focus just past the eye or the eye lashes. I believe even Bryan has demonstrated this in the R5 review.

    •The 40fps, I can think of uses for that. But I'm doing pretty good with 12 for the most part with only certain times do I wish for more. But that would be a LOT of images to go through and run out of buffer easily with my style of shooting. But it is there if you want it and just as easy to turn it down to more sane levels.

    •Being able to capture 20 images before you take a pic is really cool, I had a situation just last week when a GB Heron was landing. I got a pretty good image of it whole the rest of the photogs missed it. But I wish I had a sequence slightly before it landed. I only snagged one shot before touch down. The R6 II would have been handy in this situation when you are being very reactionary. And birds can be a challenge this way.

    •As usual good noise performance, little bit of extra resolution which is nice for birding. Although heavy cropping is not it's strong suite at this resolution, but just to adjust the horizon slightly or adjust the framing a bit having an extra 6mp over my 1Dx is nice. Or 4mp over an R6.

    To me those are the biggest improvements for my purposes, I'm sure I would find more things that I would like with use.

    Looks like a very nice body, my only question is how would it compare to the R3.

    And of course the R1 would just be the be all end all for birding. But it doesn't exist yet and who knows when it will exist with all that is happening in the world right now. Could be a long time if things get intense. So I'm not nessarily holding my breath with the R1 coming any less than a year, possibly a lot longer.

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