So a couple of sales have caught my eye, specifically $300-$400 off the RF 70-200 f/4 and RF 14-35 f/4. As I am content with my EF glass, I am most likely to let the sales pass without picking either of these up. Actually, the primary issue I have with my EF glass is noise while videoing, but I typically video with a 24-70, so neither of these would really fix that problem.

The temptation:
  • RF 70-200 f/4:
    • Pros: Small, light travel telephoto lens. Great IQ. Seems superb in every review I have seen.
    • Cons: Really, what I would like is a 70-300 L that is about the same size and weight. Variable aperture for a travel lens is fine with me. Right now I mostly travel with the 100-400 II, but do eventually want something smaller/lighter.

  • RF 14-35 f/4:
    • Pros: 2 mm wider, and IS + IBIS may give me enhanced handholdability
    • Cons: Meh, I really rarely even use my EF 16-35. It is already a great lens. Size/Weight aren't much different. And IBIS alone with the R5 and the EF 16-35 lets me hand hold down to ~1/2 sec. How much better would it be, really?

So, you can see, not overpowering arguments.

So, before the sale ends, I thought I would turn to the forum, see if anyone else has strong arguments.