Hi Everyone,

I have seen a couple references to multi-tools recently. For years, I have traveled with a bike multi-tool. I have only needed it a couple of times, but it is one of those things, when you need it, it is critical.

The tool I have used is this on amazon. While it specifically does not have a blade, I did have Madrid's equivalent to TSA take it from me once. They lectured me a bit, but I have been flying with it dozens of times each year, leave it in my carry-on luggage and that is the only time I have had an issue. For less than $20, I just let them take it and bought a new one.

But, some tools more targeted toward photography seem to have developed recently including:

This one by Smallrig.

One by Peter McKinnon (by far the most expensive).

This started as I saw a multi-tool from DJI, I can't seem to find the same one, but here is another.

And then there are several from Andycine.

I only have the bike tool by crank, but for $20, I am bringing in the one from Smallrig. Seems smaller and lighter.