Every once in a while I go back and check to see how my R5 is holding up in the DR category.

Here is a quick chart from Photons to Photos comparing the R5 the new Nikon D8 (although the sensor I believe is recycled), Songy R7 Mk 5, Leica M11, and the Sigma fp L. The Sigma is an odd entry here, but seeing Joe Cornish (Landscape photographer) use it actually prompted this quick evaluation.

Even though the R5 is coming up on 3 yrs old, it, the newer Nikon/Sony/Leica are all really consistent. What did catch my attention is the Sigma is out performing them all, at least in terms of DR.

Another fun evaluation, the R5 vs medium format. So, most medium format sensors are about 1.7x more area than the FF sensor, so not quite double (i.e. a stop). The exception being the Phase One IQ4, which is 2.5x more surface area compared to FF. The Phase One IQ4 is the real winner here, there is a sizable difference....but so is the price as it comes in at >$50,000. The recent Fuji and Hasselblad releases are only a little better than the R5, like a stop more DR, but at ISOs where I would use those MF cameras (100 and 400, ie, landscape) they are remarkably similar, IMO.

So, perhaps the DR wars are over....not much more to be squeezed out of sensors? I welcome any boost, but I am not counting on significant improvements over the post 2020 bodies (maybe even post 2016).