Thinking of updating the 7D mark II to a something mirrorless, but not quite sure what. Between the R6mkII, R7, and R8, the R6mkII is the ideal... but pricey. And yes, I'll see whatever it is Sony is unveiling today before making a decision, but lets ignore that for now and talk about the Canon options.

The R8 having the same sensor and AF as the R6mkII, for nearly half off seems like a deal... but I'm worried it strips off too much. Worse viewfinder. Worse battery. Electronic shutter only, which can lead to jello effect, and more worry of dust and debris when changing lenses in the field. No rear control wheel making it awkward to change settings.

I never use dual-cards, so things like that don't factor into my choice.

I'm sure I can take nice pictures with an R8, but I'm not sure it will be enjoyable if using the camera is a constant fight. Has anybody used one for an extended period? Are the negatives real, or negligible? Anything you wished you'd considered before buying it?

The R7... still crop. Will still be noisy. Lighter, and better AF, sure, but I'm not sure that's enough to justify a switch for an occasional shooter. It does open up the option of using the RF 100-500, which is I think the only big plus I have in the R7 column. Anything I'm ignoring?