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Thread: Facebook uploads

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    Facebook uploads

    Hi everyone,

    After my wife and I posted a few dozen photos taken from our iPhone to Facebook (via Facebook app) we noticed that some photos had very low quality. I’m not sure why some were low quality while others were not. This happened to multiple batches that we did, the number of low quality photos varies from batch to batch. It’s been driving me crazy. I checked all the settings to make sure everything was set to high or optimized. I also tried different number of photos it didn’t matter it was 10 or 50.

    Thanks in advance for your tips! The photos are just snapshots of birthdays, trips and vacations but I still want them to upload with the highest quality.
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    There could be a number of issues. Iíve found best consistency with FB by loading up smaller images. I use 1500 pixels for my longest side. This helps avoid compression issues.

    That said, occasionally something still happens.

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    When I upload to Facebook, my longest is 1900 pixels wide. (I think I read that somewhere which is why I use it) I usually set the resolution in Lightroom to 72 when I resize it,. I know your saying you're doing it right from your phone so I'm not really any help there. I tend to not see any issues using the info above when I post from my computer.

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