Photo of a deer and her offspring taken withCanon 20D and 70-200L f2.8 IS. Image @ f2.8 iso 400 1/100 sec. Some minor adjustments in Camera Raw and then slight curves adjustment. Your feedback will be most appreciated. What could anyone recommend as a good technique to print a photo like this? Isit just a matter of preference in presentation when you print like this? ie: matte vs high gloss? What would someone think of as a happy medium? -no pun intended. I am embarking on a newlearning experience and to print and I'm now waiting for my Pixma Pro 9000 to arrive (next Wed!!!).Of course, that will be another thread to post! By the way, there is still the excellent rebate being offer by Canon on the printer and camera purchase for another couple of weeks. I have no proffesional interest in Canon, just thought it was a good deal!! Thanks again for any feedback,