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Thread: ROAD TRIP!! Wil be in St. George UT for 1st 2 weeks in May

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    ROAD TRIP!! Wil be in St. George UT for 1st 2 weeks in May

    And then there are no spots hard wired until trying to get up near Jonathon in August.

    Traveling in the Motorhome towing a jeep.

    Taking nominations for 5/15 and beyond. Will be day triping out of St. George. Thinking of heading a little east toward Moab/Grand Junction but that is very tenative.

    Thoughts and suggestions?

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    I mean, all of southern Utah, right? Moab would be phenomenal, but I've never been. But it does seem like a great base to see a lot of places. Off the beaten path, I have heard good things about Great Basin National Park. Apparently well worth the status of a NP, but very few visitors as they all go to Zion/Brice/Arches.

    I like the day tripping out of St. George. Zion is a favorite spot of mine, I have always wanted to do the slot canyon's in Kanarraville, and then I forget the name, but the canyons NW of St. George are supposed to be nice.

    Then Great Basin NP, maybe a day trip over to Bryce so you do not drive the MH over there, up to Moab.

    Hmmm...from there I would be awfully tempted by Colorado, just start looking up Waterfalls, hot springs, and all the national parks. Beautiful state. Or, up to Grand Tetons/Yellowstone.

    Just some random thoughts....

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    About two years ago, we did a whirlwind trip from SLC to Moab to St. George and back to SLC. We covered Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce and Zion. I joined my son and our new daughter in law, this was her first time going out west. Needless to say we were exhausted, but got to show the DIL a lot lot of Utah in a few few days. We rented side by sides and drove from downtown Moab (on the "city" streets) to Chicken Corners. If your Jeep is well equipped, I suppose you could do this ride. There were plenty of Jeeps and lesser vehicles on the trails, just not sure I would want to drive my "get around town" vehicle over jagged rocks, hairpin turns, bumps, etc. for hours.

    I have also visited Antelope State Park (about an hour north of SLC) and Dead Horse State Park (about a half hour from Moab). Bother are definitely worth visiting. Only catch with Dead Horse you are not to drive in very early in the morning or late at night. However, I believe if you are a registered camper in the park you are allowed to drive there after dark (hint).

    If you are into snow skiing, Snowbird will likely be at least partially open until late May. If your not into skiing, you may be able to take the tram to the top of the mountain (for a fee) for a visit, great views and a restaurant at the top (food was decent, nothing special).

    Finally, I have visited Zion a few times over the years and never had the time to visit the other less popular side known as the Kolob Canyons until our most recent trip. I definitively recommend visiting this slightly off the beaten path part of the park.

    I am by no means an expert on Utah, as most of our trips focused on skiing, with an occasional trip to southern Utah. Feel free to ask away, hopefully I can help.

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