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Thread: Eclipse 2026 Spain

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    Eclipse 2026 Spain

    My former EA has a travel biz on the side and I have her working on a Spain (or Iceland) Eclipse Trip center point is August 12 2026 +/- 5 or so days

    Initial size is 10 to 12 individuals. Let me know if there is interest, etc.

    The eclipse in spain will be very low sun angle, higher in Iceland. And not sure I want to try Greenland
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    Thanks Mike.

    Keep me posted as to what you come up with. I'll probably decide if I am going to head to the 2026 Spain/Iceland eclipse sometime in early 2025. What makes it a bit tricky, in my book, is the % of Europeans that take much of July and August off and the fact that I have a personal travel ban of Europe for those two months (the result of a business trip in late June where it was hot and humid but no AC environments...since, all my trips to Europe have avoided summer). As I deal with Europe a fair amount, I can confirm that much of Europe shuts down from late-June/early July to mid-late August as they are on vacation in places like...Spain.

    But, I might be getting into eclipse chasing, so sometime in early 2025, I'll decide.

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