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Thread: Web site for Real Estate

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    Web site for Real Estate

    I have been shooting real estate for a while now and have posted everything online for my clients to a dedicated fee paid virtual tour web site.

    I have been asked to shoot a 100 unit rental condo complex (good paying gig) and host the tours. Since these are rentals, they will want the tours posted for a number of years and do not wish to have to pay an annual charge. I was going to use BuildATour dot com, but they have an annual fee.

    I'm open to suggestions.

    Thanks - Tom

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    Re: Web site for Real Estate

    if you're good with messing with a bit of code (you may actually be able to find a virtual tour type set up for picassa and that'll handle everything) I like its just free webhosting you get 5 gigs (which I would think would be fine as long as you resize the images to say 533x800 or there abouts).
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