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Thread: #38 - Water (congrats Erno James)

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    #38 - Water (congrats Erno James)

    On behalf of Claes(CLS) this is assignment 38: Water

    "Water can be used in many ways to create great photos - I've seen several great examples of this from many of you in the various threads in this forum. First I was thinking about giving you a few inspirational example shots, but then I changed my mind and thought it would be better to leave the interpretation of the subject fully up to each and every one of you. The only thing to keep in mind for this assignment is that in some way it should be water that makes the picture. Happy shooting!"

    "I've had a tough time narrowing down my favorite photos of this assignment to only five shots that I really like...and the nominees are (in no particular order):"

    Name: Dr Croubie
    Motivation: This is a really cool reflection shot. There's something about it that keeps messing with my brain.

    Name: erno james
    Motivation: This is a ridiculously beautiful sea landscape shot. I can almost hear the splashing waves.

    Name: HDNitehawk
    Motivation: This would "just" have been a good shot of the running dog if it wasn't for the water t(r)ail that makes it great.

    Name: Sheiky
    Motivation: I like the brightness and freshness of this photo along with the tight composition - simply a great swimming shot.

    Name: nvitalephotograhy
    Motivation: This spider's web is captured at the right time from the right angle, and the execution is spot on.

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    • Good luck!
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