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Thread: SD cards write speed : SanDIsk

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    SD cards write speed : SanDIsk

    As a canon user I have a collection of Compact Flash cards that should last me a while.
    But with the SD slot in the 5DIII I am looking at the SanDisk SD cards for the second slot and wondering about the write speed:

    ExtremePro 95MB/s
    Extreme 45MB/s
    Ultra 30MB/s

    What speed does the 5DIII write:

    I have always been a fan of using smaller MB cards and a lot of them.
    The reason is if a card get corrupt or loose one I have not lost the entire day.
    I change about every 500. ( I shoot 3000+ at a wedding).
    I plan on shooting and saving the images to both cards as an added security.

    I have always used SanDisk in my Canons and really not thinking of changing unless better quality exists.

    Thank you
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    David....Thanks for the links. That is an impressive drop off in performance going from CF (up to 80 MB/s) to SD cards (<20 MB/s).

    I was also pleased to see how similar Galbraiths results were to our tests on the 7D.

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